Saturday, March 13, 2010

The whispering mommy... nah I don't think so.

A friend of mine who's child is slightly younger than my youngest called me the "child whisperer" the other day because I managed to trick my older son into napping.  He doesn't nap regularly anymore.  In fact it's a pretty rare occurrence, but he was so over tired and grouchy that all I had to do was make him have a quiet time in his room playing on his bed.  Ahh blissful silence.  No talking-back for like 2 hrs.

However, being called the child whisperer is really far from the truth.  In all honesty I used to have a fair bit of restraint and patience.  Especially when I only had one child.  But something changed when I had a second.  My sweet little angel of a boy hit the terrible twos full steam ahead and I became a yeller.  I suppose I could claim it was a touch of post-partum depression or the remnants of the baby blues.  But that doesn't change the fact that I have been un-able to reclaim my earlier patience with my older son. 

Part of the blame is squarely on me since as soon as the baby was born my older son all of a sudden seemed so old and so grown up.  I expected him to be more grown up.  It was the instant ending of him being a baby (poor kid).  Part of the reason for all the yelling is that my son excels at being naughty and defiant.  Lately he likes to argue for no apparent reason.  If I say up he says down - yes, no - black, white... the list is endless.  It has gotten worse now that his brother is older and is running around and playing with toys.  The fighting has started and the yelling continues! 

I tell myself that this is him striving to have his own independent thoughts and personality.  I comfort myself that this means he (lord help me) won't be still living at home when he is 25 (or worse yet, 30).  I go to my happy place (the bar fridge, er I mean yogic chanting) and let the urge to yell pass.   It still slips out sometimes, but luckily for me he is edging towards 4 yrs old now and occasionally can be reasoned with.

For now I will try to happily enjoy the occasional break in the day from the constant struggle even if it only occurs when he's at preschool, eating or napping.

Really who could yell at this angel face??

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