Thursday, March 4, 2010

Romance novels... what if it were real life??

I read romance novels.  Yes I'm aware they're not real literature, but they are great escapist fiction.  I do read other novels as well just in case you're worried that I'm going to turn my brain to mush from too much romance.  Lets get this straight... I don't read the harlequin or silhouette ones where the women are pining away for their knight in shining armor (cue fabio with his flowing hair and gleaming muscles).  I like the Nora Roberts ones where the women are smart independent women with successful careers and amazing artistic talents.

Of course these are great escapist works of fiction there aren't kids bugging these women, they all have perfect figures, great clothes, and don't seem to have to do dishes or vacuum endlessly.  Enter studly man they have amazing attraction to.  Its like getting to relive the "new and exciting" parts of a good relationship without having to do any of the pesky dating part.  Since I'm at home with my kids I occasionally try to read while they are playing nicely, like the sweet little angels they are (yeah right).  I get pulled out of my escapist world back to the real world to discuss important things like how a toy car can do some fancy spin or how we NEED to go buy to some new toy car that is exactly the same but a different colour!

Maybe I'm becoming to cynical for these romance novels maybe they should have an epilogue describes their life 5 years later with two little kids.  Here's how it might go. 

Frazzled, formerly, hot mommy greets studly man at door holding her youngest child on her hip, while the preschooler who wanted to be carried is dragging behind with a death grip on her ankle.  There is a smear of something on her shoulder probably from a runny nose, but it could be left-over crumbs from the cookies they had earlier.  The family dog sees an opportunity and runs out the door to freedom.  Studly man goes chasing after, kids begin to cry/whine.   30 minutes later they are at the dinner table eating the partly burnt dinner that got forgotten in the chaos of the dog escape.

Hmm on second thought there is a good reason why the romance novels don't include the minutia of everyday life.  But sometimes I think that I'd like to see these characters have to deal with real life so that we didn't build up expectations that are unreasonable and unattainable.

Now that I've had my rant I have to go finish the latest Nora Roberts novel... yeah I know its sappy, but sometimes that's a good thing!


  1. I love it, Shannon! I don't read romance, but I DO love Diana Gabaldan have you read any of her Outlander series? They are awesome!! (Does it get any hotter than a tall redhead guy in a kilt?)