Friday, March 19, 2010

I take credit for my kid's hair colour... Thankyou very much!

I have a son who has red hair.  I love it, think its the cutest thing ever!  Best part ever is that I get attention for it.  Thank god because if I were out without them I would be basically invisible.

My youngest was born with a full head of red hair.  Bright red.  This is him in the hospital with all that hair.  As new nurses would come on duty the nurse assigned to us would call them over to come look a the baby with all the red hair.  I have to say that neither my husband nor I have red hair (what a surprise!).  Both of us had a great grand parent with red hair and both of our fathers had red beards.  Apparently red hair is a recessive gene and has to come from both parents... much like blue eyes.

I literally have people stop me on the street to discuss his hair colour and reminisce about their own previously red hair or someone else they know who has red hair.  The most random time was when I was at Home Depot buying some stain for my deck.  I had both kids in the cart and a lady stopped to compliment my son's hair and then proceeded to tell me that red heads do not accept dental freezing very well.  WTF, he didn't even have any teeth at this point!  (Apparently there had been a recent article in one of the local papers about that, but talk about random!)

The only downside is that his older brother does not have red hair.  He has blonde hair and basically gets ignored as the well meaning people come up to gawk at and touch the shiny red tresses of his brother.  I try to reassure him that one day his little bro might not be getting the positive attention.  I can see it now 10-15 years down the road and the two of them are getting into some mischief... bystanders will be saying, "Well there was that red-headed kid and a few others..."

Along with the red hair has come the quick temper (which may or may not come from his Mamma).  When he was about 14 months old he was over tired and a little cranky.   He tripped and bumped into the kiddie table which had chairs stacked on it to prevent my little monkey from climbing up on them and standing on the wobbly chairs.  Rather than just getting up and going on with what ever he was doing he proceeded to start screeching at the chairs and try to push them onto the floor.  It reminded me a bit of a drunken brawl.  According to my husband those chairs had had it coming for a long time and were asking for it... yeah right!

Today I was grocery shopping and once again a lady came up to me to complement my son's hair.  Thanks, I say proudly, beaming like an idiot.  What the hell am I going to do when my kids are no longer cute and young.... I'll be back to being invisible once again. 

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