Sunday, January 31, 2010

My dog is over weight!

My dog is over weight. And of course you know what they say about overweight dogs... their owners don't get enough exercise! The old girl is 6 years old and really hasn't gotten walked enough, especially after the kids came.

So we've signed up for a learn to run program. Okay really it's me signing up and doing the learning part. I've never been a runner, ever. I have tried many different times and always pushed too hard the first one or two times out trying to go from couch potato to Olympic athlete in only 2 weeks.

This time I'm doing it right! The walk-run program at my local running store starts off very gently and increases intensity slowly. The only problem is that most people already are runners! They're extremely fit and some just don't want to move onto the next stage which would take them from running 5km to 10km. I have to say that its very disconcerting to be left in the dust by a bunch of senior citizens some of whom are probably into their 70's! Anyway me and the 40ish smoker are making up the back of the pack, but the main thing is we're doing it!

Now I've reached a part of my training where I am actually starting to understand why people like running. The other night I went for a run to work on my clinic "homework" and I felt rotten and didn't want to go and it was dark and... The excuses not to go were endless, but I went anyway wearing my ├╝ber-dorky reflective safety vest (not the cool ones you see real runners wearing, but rather the construction worker kind). I took my dog just in case I needed protecting (not that I think she would be protection except from a squirrel or cat) and because I feel guilty leaving her behind. As I started off the walking portion I felt fine. When it came time for the first run segment I mentally prepared myself to feel the stiff achy muscles as they worked to propel my body forward, but it didn't come. What I did feel was freedom, my muscles working smoothly and the wind in my hair! It was great! Now don't get me wrong I'm not at the marathon running stage yet (or even a 5km run) so I was glad for the walking break after my 3 mins were up.

Back to my dog for a minute. She is a husky crossed with a few other breeds (one of a kind really). She has a curly tail that is sort of like her happiness meter. When we are in the car, which she really doesn't enjoy, her tail is straight and tucked between her hind legs and up under her body. As we were running together her tail was quite possibly a double spiral curl!

I think that the dog and I are going to do just fine "learning to run".

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  1. Kyuss is the only running partner I'll go with! Goes whenever, doesn't need to chat, always stoked. Doesn't complain or miss runs.
    I actually make excuses when asked to go with bipeds ;)