Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's in a name??

How is it that dreaming up a blog name was more difficult than naming my kids? I considered calling it "Life of Riley" since my last name is Riley, but Riley is my married name so is it really my life or would it be more about everyone else in my life. In university one of my classmates would call me shananigans, which I alway secretly loved. Shananigans sounded like I was interesting, free spirited and a little wild. Of course this appealed to the do-gooder, follow all the rules girl that I was (and still am). Shananigans, nearly 10 years later, now seems to refer more to the parts of my life which are chaotic, although fun and fulfilling. The chaos that is my life is shared with (caused by) my two kids, one dog and my husband.

I am not a nickname person. I do not like nicknames. I purposely chose my kids names so that they weren't names that were commonly shortened or nicknamed. Why name you kid William and then call him Billy? Or why give them a first and middle name and commonly call them by their middle name?

Of course now that I have kids we have used all sorts of joking names for them. When my oldest was a baby we occasionally referred to him as the "Rear Admiral Poopy Pants", luckily it didn't last. My youngest has red hair and I am trying to refrain from calling him "little red" especially since I don't want him to be one of the 300 lb grown-ups called "tiny". The one nickname that has stuck with our family is may-may. That is the nickname given to our dog Maggie by my older son when he was first learning to talk.

For someone who doesn't like/want nicknames my life does seem to be full of them... now I am known by many names: Dear, Sweety, Mom, Mommy (on a bad day whined: Moooommmmmmyyyy) and yes occasionally Shannon.

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