Saturday, January 30, 2010

Talking to myself??!!

I talk to myself... there I said it. I always have talked to myself its not a new thing. I sometimes rehash previous conversations or review things with myself. Sometimes I start thinking about things that I want to talk about with other people. This talking to myself is sometime verbal and sometimes just thoughts where I carry on my inner conversation.

Most of the time I remember that I haven't actually discussed these topics yet, but my poor hubby usually gets the random ends of conversations that we have yet to actually speak. It usually goes like this... hubby and I discussing some event (like what to have for dinner) and then out of left field with the proverbial hockey stick I say I think we should buy it, get it, get rid of it. I get the look like what is "IT" and then I realize that as we are discussing something (or even just sitting quietly) I am thinking things through in my head. It could be a new couch or a vacation spot or pretty much anything. It all makes perfect sense to me (after all I was privy to the whole conversation). My hubby seems to think that I've flipped my lid or maybe I'm talking to someone else although he's the only person in the room with me. Of course now that we've been married eight years he's used to it and mostly mocks me about this trait (habit, flaw... whatever).

It reminds me of the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" when Brain would say to Pinky: "Are you pondering what I'm pondering" and Pinky would reply something nonsensical like: "Yeah, but how did they get the elephant into the tutu?"

Of course now I have a chatty 3 year old son who is always listening to every word I've had to curtail my actually talking to myself out loud. Every time he hears it I'm peppered with questions and demands for explanation... why, why is that a funny thing, who, where... .

So now I'm blogging. My theory is that blogging is the ultimate form of talking to oneself and its not considered eccentric or crazy in any way.... Ahhh now we're talking!

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