Monday, February 8, 2010

The Olympics are coming...

Do you believe?? That is the slogan by the Canadian TV company that has the broadcast rights for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It makes me question... do I. I used to love watching the Olympics and cheering for Canada. I was proud to see the athletes representing our nation stepping up on the podium and receiving their medals. I loved to watch the athletes parade in during the opening and closing ceremonies. I loved the magic of the Olympics and the peace and good-natured competition that it represented to me as a child.

Now I'm not so young any more. I'm a property owning, tax-paying, voting adult (how the heck did that happen). I read the news and hear about the cost over runs associated with the Olympic venues, athlete accommodations and the infrastructure improvements. I hear about the concerns of not having enough sponsorship (read money) due to the current economic climate. I hear how there is not enough snow for some of the skiing events due to the record breaking warm January that we enjoyed. I hear tha the "commitee" is suing yet another person/company to protect their brand (read money). All of this is giving me a negative view of the Olympics. I do not believe.

I am planning to reclaim the magic of the Olympics. I am teaching my 3 year old son about the Olympics and telling him about how people from all over the world will be coming to our area to watch the games and compete. We have decorated our front window with Canadian flags and painted non-copyright infringing Olympic rings. Tomorrow the torch is coming to my town. It is the longest torch relay ever performed. I'm going to take my two boys and go watch it.

I'm going to forget about the "politics" of the olympics and focus on the very talented athletes who have dedicated more time and energy to their olympic quests than I have ever given to anything. I'm going to cheer when we win and ignore/avoid the traffic snarls which are sure to make it difficult to get around town.

I'm sure to the outsiders watching to from far away the games will seem like they were well run and problemless. I'm glad that this is the view that they will have and that the TV networks will capture the magic of the games. I will try to believe!

And after the games are over I know that this area will enjoy the legacy that has been left behind with the improved and expanded transit capability and the fantastic world class facilities.

Go Canada eh!

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  1. Enjoy the torch relay! We had a blast at ours, and my girls have been asking me very often since when we will get to see the "big torch" get lit. I don't usually watch the opening ceremonies, but I am planning to watch them with the girls. And we;re making Canada cookies to celebrate (Pillsbury ones with maple leaf shaped candies in the dough). Some times you just have to look at things through your children's eyes and see the magic the way they see it.