Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye and Good riddance 2010!

2010 was a turbulent year for me to say the least!  It had some epic good times as well as some serious lows!  I'm hoping that 2011 will step up and be a better year. (I would say it couldn't be worse, but I really wouldn't want to tempt the fates lest I be struck down by lightning or something like that!!)

2010 Reviewed

This blog started in 2010!  It was my attempt to become a "blogger"  not sure that I actually am since I don't update regularly.  Surely I will never make a career out of it, but I do enjoy it all the same.

2010 saw my "town" host the olympic games and do a spectacular job of it in spite of the weather's lack of cooperation.  I didn't have tickets to any events, but I did get downtown to experience the "vibe" and the patriotism that is being Canadian!  I have to say that I had a rather pessimistic outlook of hosting the Olympics and the outrageous price tag that comes with it, however, I have to admit that it seems that this area doesn't do many major infrastructure improvements unless it hosts a major event so I guess it needs the incentive!  

 My New Years resolution for 2010 was to compete in the Vancouver Sunrun.  It is one of the largest 10k runs in the world with around 50000 participants.  Let me just say that I am not a runner... or at least I never thought that I was.  I took a learn to run clinic through my local running store.  The clinic took me up to a 5k level and I continued training after with my hubby.  In the end I did a combination run/walk for the sunrun and it was a fantastic experience!

For our family vacation we drove to Whitehorse and back towing our trailer and camping along the way.  It is all documented on our family travel blog.  It was a great bonding experience and I was so proud of my kids with how they handled the many hours of driving.  Round trip we traveled like 5000km!  The scenery was fantastic and we had a great time at the wedding we attended there (our actual reason for the drive).  My kids love camping and in the fall we bought a membership to a close by campground and are looking forward to doing even more camping next year!

Those were the hi-lights of the year!  However this year also dealt me a crap hand as well.

I lost two very important people in my life.  In April my Grandma passed away.  She had lived a full life and was 84 years old.  It was sad, but at the same time it was nice to think of her reunited with the love of her life as well as no longer being in pain from her chronic arthritis.  In October my father passed away.  He was not very old; only 59.  His death has shaken my very foundation.  It makes it worse since we had not been on good terms with one another and never had a chance to reconnect.  I'm still dealing with my emotions from that one.  Mostly I can ignore them but I find that late at night when I can't sleep it all catches up to me and I feel the grief of my loss like a sharp pain.  Perhaps next year I will be able to work through that and have some closure. 

I attempted halfheartedly and unsuccessfully to go back to work.  I think the thing is that I got my hopes up and they were dashed.  I will say that it was good practice going through the interview process, even though I was not the successful candidate.  (Working on the power of positive thought here people!)

2011 Here we come!

In 2011 am going to compete in a local triathlon.  In order to do this I am have signed up for yet another "learn-to" program.  I find that this is the most successful way I have of committing to a program since I am good at doing prescribed homework/training when I know that I will suffer more if I miss my workouts! 

I am going get back to work!  I know its great to stay home with my kids, but I have already been off for more than 2-1/2 years and if I stay off much longer it will be even more difficult to get back into.  I worked my butt off to earn my engineering degree and I am not willing to just let it go!!  I know it will be hard to work full time with two young kids.  Nobody ever says that to men!  That's rather annoying in fact!  I miss the identity that I got from being an engineer.  I miss the mental challenges!  On the upside I recently have had calls from two different companies so this might be one of my first goals that I achieve in the new year.  (YAY for the economy picking up again!)

Okay because I need to actually commit to this I am going to say that I will lose weight in 2011.  Lets just start with 20lbs and see where it goes from there!  It feels like such a repetitive resolution, but this time I am going to be successful at it!  I have joined weight watchers online (since I can't seem to manage to get out to meetings).  Any one who wants to "join" me there is more than welcome!

My final resolution is to blog more!  It is unlikely that I will be blogging multiple times a week (I really am just not that creative and don't have that many topic ideas!), but I am going to aim for 3-4 times a month!

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