Saturday, May 8, 2010

My first mother's day remembered...

I actually wasn't quite a mom yet on my first Mother's Day in 2006.  My due date with my first born was several days before mother's day, but as of mother's day there was no sign that he was coming anytime soon.  It was a bitter, bitter day for the gigantic preg-a-saurus mamma.  There were so many expectations of holding my new baby in my arms and feeling the hallmark card warmth of spending mother's day as a mother and also with my mother.  I would even have accepted my mother's day to be like the Dairy Queen commercial that was out that year... you know the one where the woman in labour is wheeled into the hospital with a yummy ice-cream cake balanced on her knees.  (As if that would happen!

No instead my mom and husband were treated to a bitchy woman with a gigantic belly and bad attitude!  Of course it didn't help that my mom had already been staying with us for 4 days and both her and my hubby were waiting just as anxiously as I was.  Seriously if someone had asked me one more time if I feel any "twinges" I was going to freakin' lose it!

I never did go into labour.  I ended up being induced at 8 days over which was quickly halted and switched to a c-section.  The chaos that followed having a baby (especially the first baby) made me appreciate that quiet mother's day spent eating eggs benedict (while warm!!) made extra rich with smoked salmon.  (ok, now I'm drooling)

This mother's day I'm running my very first 10km running race!  I'm very excited about it for several reasons: 1st it's the Vancouver Sunrun, which is one of the largest 10km races in the world with usually over 50,000 participants of all levels; 2nd this may be the first time ever that I've followed through on a New Years resolution.  I even managed to talk my hubby into starting to run with me so we'll be running together.  Since the kids will be spending time with their grandparents saturday night and sunday morning (during the race) we've been doing an all weekend Mother's Day celebration starting with saturday pancakes and ending with a nice dinner sunday evening.

To all of you mothers and nearly mother's out there I raise my energy drink to you tomorrow morning and my G&T to you tomorrow night! (Cheers)

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